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Tools for Emergent Literacy

(For ideas on projects young children can do, check out the page MEC 2011 for Little Fingers, Big Ideas)


SEDL Reading Assessment Database Listing of all reading assessments, the components they assess, and cost.
Classroom Reading Inventory: This site has wordlists and assessment paragraphs with teacher recording materials in Forms A & B, pre- and post-test, that can be printed. Case studies demonstrate how to use the materials diagnostically.
Reading Passages Assessments: Pearson has provided two reading passages per grade level (1-8) that simulate state assessments.
Primary Phonics Assessment: This includes teacher and student forms, info about language acquisition, and a graphic organizer
Quick Phonics Screener: Easy to use tool for learning what letter combinations students know.
Launching K-3 Readers has several common assessments and videos of the assessments being administered.
Get Ready to Read: A pre-kindergarten screening tool for literacy readiness -- automated.

Word Lists

Dolch Word Lists: K-12 Reader printables, including flash cards; Mrs. Perkins' Dolch words has printable lists, activities, and game ideas: Lanternfish has Dolch lists as well as many other games and resources for ESL teaching.
Sight Word Lists: Literacy Connections has Dolch and Fry lists

Running Records

You can practice taking running records through several online sites. The advantage of this practice is that the sites give you the analysis as well as the materials for practice.
Running Records practice and instruction: This module from Canada is excellent and multi-level. Best choice.
LearnNC practice stories:This short text makes a quick review; however, the analysis has errors in it.
Running Record Video: This video covers the analysis of running records; other videos along the side add to the information.

Running Record Calculator: calculate error ratio, self-correction ratio, and accuracy percentage


Florida Center for Reading Research: Booklets of learning center ideas and printables (K-1, 2-3, 4-5) listed under Instructional Materials for Teachers.
Free Reading: an intervention curriculum, open source, many printables
Ideas and some handouts: OnTrackReading
Spelling Stages chart and examples
A-Z Phonics has free printables and games.
Some helpful printables: K-3 Teacher Resources
Free Phonics Worksheets: check out these worrksheets for help when you have a skill to target
Phoneme Chants: Chants to help remember the vowel sounds
A Rhyme a Week: Using standard nursery rhymes, teachers focus on word families and get parents involved with their children. Printables for the classroom and for sending home.
Downloadable fonts for dashed lines of print: Blue Vinyl Fonts

Emergent Literacy Websites

Making Letters: This site has a spider draw the letters of the alphabet. You can open a second window and practice writing on "paper" beside the spider.
Alphabet Train: Children decide which letter comes next in a letter train.
Clifford's Puppy Words: Children listen to a sentence and then spell the last word. The letters are grayed out and the blocks are in alphabetic order.
Animal Alphabet: Learn the letters in groups of five and animals that begin with each letter.

Phonics Song: Sing along to the phonics song to master letter sounds or this Letter Song or this Phonics Chant, Blends, Dipthongs and Digraphs
Roy the Zebra activities: A British site for emergent readers, moderately interactive.
Phonics Games: Designed for ELL, these games could be used with any child who is struggling to master sounds.

Best Primary Reading Website

Starfall: No primary teacher should be unaware of the best website for pre-reading through beginning readers. Starfall not only reinforces basic reading concepts, but it offers a wealth of printed materials at very reasonable prices.
Audio Books: The Screen Actors Guild members read 21 popular children's stories. In addition, the site offers teachers' guides and related activities.
Reading Is Fundamental Stories: Although this indicates it is geared to preschoolers, the books being read are definitely appropriate for primary students. Excellent voice-print match to encourage word recognition and reading from left to right.
Childtopia: Primary activities such as learning letters and numbers, listening and reading comprehension activities with stories, and creative activities.
PBS Lions: PBS does an excellent job of providing phonics and phonemic awareness activities that entertain while they assess. Some of the audio and video clips are charming as well.
Mrs. P.'s LIbrary: Actress Kathy Kinney (Think Mimi on The Drew Carey Show) reads aloud popular fables and children's books. The videos are jumpy, but the audio is clear and, in truth, the stories have few illustrations. Sponsors an annual writing contest as well.
Book Hive Storytelling: UTube videos of storytellers that will engage children; hosted by Charlotte & Mecklenberg County Library.
Johnny's Story Place: This is a compilation of links to Starfall, RIF, BBC, and other stories on the web. Easy to use in a classroom to get students where you want them to be.
Study Ladder: Australian-created resources, including interactives, free to teachers

BONUS Home-School Links Packets: This set of pdf files can be sent home with students to encourage parent/child practice on reading skills (K-2). It's a nice way to keep parents informed about what their children are learning and to enlist them as partners.

AND Free Reading: Open Source reading program for K-1 with free materials to supplement classroom materials. Sponsored by Wireless Generation.
Florida Center for Reading Research: If you have an area of reading skills you need to address, use this search. Lots of great activities for learning centers or tutoring.

Writing Resources

Writing Fun: This site has graphic organizers and writing samples for each writing genre and grade level
Writer's Workshop: On this website a teacher has uploaded all her resources for teaching writing workshop for kindergarten and first grade students.
Writing Fix: The Nevada Writing Project has an excellent and full website with lessons, prompts, mentor texts and other ideas.
Mrs. Meacham's Writing Workshop: all the forms and information you need for writing workshop in K-1

How -To and other Teacher Resources

"How to" articles by a reading professor: Reading Genie The site also includes decodable books in PowerPoint formats, tutoring tips, and lesson ideas.

Free downloadable Sight Words software: Sight Words Buddy -- The software lets you choose a grade level and then students hear a word and have to choose the correct one from a choice of three words. This site also provides printable Dolch Sight words by grade level.

ABCs software: Sebran's ABCs is freeware, open source software that can be downloaded and used on computers without internet connectivity.

Balanced Literacy Articles

Merits of Literature-Based vs. Basal
Balanced Literacy Explanations
Scholastic Tips and Explanations of Balanced Literacy
K-5 Balanced Literacy