Integration begins with good instruction. The technology may introduce, reinforce, extend, enrich, demonstrate, or assess learning, but it does not usurp the teacher's role as guide and facilitator.

Drawing Projects:

Students of all ages should draw regularly. This gives a glimpse into a child's mind and demonstrates what the student has learned. Rule of thumb: the older the student, the longer it takes to draw. Primary students take 10-15 minutes; intermediate need 30-45; and middle schoolers need 45-90 minutes.

Younger Student Samples:


Older Student Samples:

Synthesize: (This original file had audio included, but the sound was not uploaded with it.)
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Word Processing Projects:

Templated Report for Primary Student:
Young Student Research Report:
Intermediate Student Research Report:
Fiction based on unit knowledge:
Original project:
Updated project:
Trading card:
Reading Goals:
Non-traditional Poetry:

Presentation Software Projects:

Vocabulary: or
Figurative Language: or or
Greeting cards:
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Spreadsheet Projects:

100% Me:
Temperature Comparison:

Web Links:
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I Keep Bookmarks, Middle School
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Additional Virtual Manipulatives (3-12)
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