Templates are not really templates. They are blank forms in Office that can be used to create projects. Many templates can be used at multiple grade levels, so these are not grade-specific. Also, any template can be used with any curricular content, so your imagination and your students' needs and skills are the only limitations.


Half-page: A half-page picture makes a great way for students to compare/contrast.

Four-squares: We've learned that elementary children draw more when they can draw small. Four squares allows us to have students draw 4-step processes, 4 viewpoints, 4 ideas, or 4 examples on one page.

Five section: Although we use this for the five senses, it can be adjusted for any 5-part. I've used it as an activity related to money (See Primary Projects).

Word Processing

Hundreds Day Number Chart:
Framed Paragraph:

Presentation Software

Powerpoint Template for a research report: Presentation software is not only versatile, but also quite easy for students to learn. In fact, it is much easier for students to learn than word processing, so start students early with a templated report. This is an idea we adapted from someone else -- we call it 'asynchronous collaboration.'

Template for brochure: