Tools that can be used to help students demonstrate their learning:

Wikis: wikis
A wiki can be a useful tool for
Blabberize: Blabberize home page Make a digital picture "talk." I recommend that students use animals, famous people, or objects. It's a bit creepy when students use pictures of themselves.

Voicethread: Voicethread home An easy way for a group to do a digital story. The teacher can have one account with up to fifty subaccounts. Glogster Poster making potential with external links, pictures, text, and even video.

Kerpoof: Kerpoof Free for teachers and in-school use; art and movie ability within limits. Disney/Kerpoof is the host.

Storyboard creator: Storyboards If you plan to use digital story telling, use this site to download storyboards.

Concept mapping: Bubblus Make graphic organizers and webs without paying a fee

Blogging with children: Ideas and guidelines

Boolify: Boolify This is a visual search engine.

Conversion tool website: You can upload files and convert them to other formats for free here.

Writing Session

Instructions for Text to Table:

Writing samples: