Why integrate technology into the classroom to support learning?


  • ...technology allows students to take ownership of their learning --
  • ...technology engages students in discovery and assimilation of knowledge --
  • ...technology inspires creativity --
  • ...technology differentiates naturally --
  • ...technology makes students feel powerful --
  • ...technology reinforces without feeling repetitive --
  • ...technology appeals to different kinds of learners in different ways --
  • ...technology automates onerous tasks --

IF technology is used wisely and thoughtfully.

Good instruction comes first. Then a teacher can consider how technology can support the instruction to introduce, enrich, extend, reinforce, or demonstrate student learning.

Using technology appropriately does not come intuitively to most teachers. It often takes experimentation and risk. And, as with all techniques in education, a teacher can just as easily implement technology poorly as well. The following pages are attempts to address ways a teacher can use technology to support teaching effectively.

MEC Transform Through Technology, 3-5 Presentation: (project links are disabled)